Recreating Your Menu

Making A Signature Barbecue Sauce For Your Next Catering Event

If you have a large event that you want to serve food at, then it is wise to hire a catering service to provide the food. A catering business will not only know how much food is required based on the guest count, but they will know how to provide ample food in a timely and cost effective manner. However, if you like to cook yourself, then you might want to add your own signature touch to the meal. If this sounds like a great plan, then keep reading to make and prepare the sauce for the event. Use The Right Ingredients To start making your barbecue sauce, you will need to make a small batch to perfect the taste. Afterwards, a larger batch can be created for the grilled meat on the day of the event. You will need to first start with the sauce base. There are several different common bases you can choose from, and these include vinegar, mustard, and tomato sauce. If you want to start with vinegar, then opt for apple cider vinegar. This will give the sauce a sour taste with a hint of sweet apples. If you choose mustard, then opt for a brown variety if you want a spicy and robust sauce, and pick yellow mustard if you want a sweet or tame barbecue flavor. Start with tomato sauce if you want an acidic and sweet taste. You can work with a canned sauce or you can create your own by peeling, heating, and simmering tomatoes on the stove. Once you choose your base, place two cups in a bowl. You should choose the secondary ingredient at this... read more

Worried About Your Restaurant? 2 Fryer Accessories That Will Invigorate Your Menu

As a new restaurant owner, it isn’t hard to be intimidated by the statistics. For example, did you know that a recent study found that 60% of restaurants fail within the first three years? Although it might seem impossible to keep your business profitable and your customers interested, making a few simple changes might boost your chances of success. Here are two fryer accessories that might help you to invigorate your menu, so that you can stay in business: 1: Fryer Cake Mold Rings When you peruse the offerings in your favorite restaurant equipment magazine, you might skip right over those fryer cake mold rings. After all, since you aren’t planning on adding funnel cakes to your dessert menu, why would you bother? However, mold rings can help your chefs to keep track of loose batters and small fried foods, so that they can fry a larger variety of ingredients. For example, your chefs might be able to create decadent crab cakes without worrying about that loose batter falling apart in the fryer. Mold rings can also help chefs to keep foods attractive during the frying process. Because the walls of mold rings are round, things like doughnut dough and meat patties can retain their beautiful, round shape—improving the look of each dish. Also, since mold rings sit directly on top of a metal plate, your chef might be able to contain fried foods and keep the fryer clean. Although this might seem like a small detail, a clean fryer might mean better tasting oil and a more consistent product for your customers. 2: Molded Baskets The hotter the oil, the... read more

When you start up a restaurant, it can be easy to get tunnel vision and focus on what you want to have happen, instead of working with what you have. Unfortunately, tough financial situations and difficult employees can make it hard to develop a fantastic offering for the public. However, if you sit down and really think about what people are looking for, you can recreate your menu and become more successful. What do people want to eat when they go out with their friends? Does your restaurant’s food taste fresh? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself if you want to remain profitable.