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Benefits Of A Food Service Management Company For An Employee Cafeteria

When establishing an on-site, full-service cafeteria for your employees, deciding between a self-operating facility and a managed cafeteria is important. On the surface, a self-operating cafeteria might seem like the easier setup, but in reality, the opposite is often true. Here are just three key areas in which partnering with a food service management company can prove to be beneficial.


As an employer, deciding to add a full-service cafeteria has a lot to do with offering your employees a convenience. However, while it might be easier to simply head downstairs at lunch to grab a bite to eat, if your food is not parallel with the quality of other offerings in the area, your employees may look elsewhere.

When compared to an in-house team, a management company doesn't come with the need for a learning curve. These companies will open the doors on day one offering a well-planned menu with quality selections able to compete with any of the local establishments.


Partnering with a management company can also offer you benefits in the area of cost, which is often the most important factor. When you hire your own team, there is often a great deal of trial and error. Whether it's poor menu planning or over-ordering your inventory, these seemingly minor mistakes can be quite costly.

Food service management companies use their experience to help keep your costs lower. When it comes to menu planning, these professionals consider employee demographics, budget and cuisine style to develop a menu that will offer you the greatest profit potential and when it comes to inventory, careful planning systems are used to ensure that only what you need is ordered.


Food service management companies also have a greater level of expertise than many in-house teams. This is particularly the case when it comes to health and safety guidelines. Operating a restaurant is one thing, but doing so safely is something entirely different.

Food service management teams typically offer their own food safety management training courses on an ongoing basis. This training ensures that safe practices are always applied and that the restaurant is always operating within the guidelines of the law, which is crucial.

If you are establishing an in-house cafeteria, don't go at it alone. Instead of opening the door for costly mistakes, contract food service management companies to ensure your investment is protected and most importantly, that your employees are satisfied.