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Reasons to Have a Carving Station at Your Catered Event

When you hire a catering service for an upcoming event, there are many ways that the service's employees can help. For example, you might have some catering service employees circulating throughout the venue to offer appetizers to your guests, while you might also have people at various serving stations. Another idea to think about is to have a carving station with a catering professional working behind it. This person's job is to take meat orders from the event's attendees and cut meat for them. Here are some reasons to have a carving station at your catered event.

1. It Helps People to Get What They Want

One of the best things about having a carving station is that its presence helps your event's attendees to get the type of meat that they want. For example, if your carving station has a large turkey, guests can request whether they want light or dark meat, and even how thick they want their slices to be. If you were to simply have the sliced meat on a platter for guests to help themselves, the meat may be sliced thicker or thinner than some guests want.

2. It Makes the Meat More Appealing

When you use a carving station, you're keeping the meat fresh until it goes onto each guest's plate. If your catering service were to slice the meat in advance, it could begin to dry out a little. There's no better way to keep the meat fresh, moist, and appetizing than with a carving station. When the catering professional who is overseeing the carving station slices into a roast of beef and serves the meat to a guest, the meat will also be hotter than if the caterer were to slice it earlier.

3. It Adds Classiness

Another thing to think about is the visual appeal of a carving station. There's little doubt that having a carving station set up at your catered event adds a certain degree of class — especially when you compare it to the alternative of having the meat sliced on sitting on a platter for your guests to help themselves. If you want your event on the formal side and are thinking of the different ways that you can accomplish this goal, give some serious thought to the addition of a carving station. Your catering service can talk to you about how it can approach the idea of a carving station at your event.

Learn more about your options by contacting local event caterers.