Recreating Your Menu

Industrial Linking Machines

Making sausages and hot dogs often require the use of a linking machine. A manual or electric linker uses a vacuum to push meat into natural or artificial casings. This type of machine will save time and allow you to create products that are precise in size and weight.

The Complexity Of A Linker

A manual machine contains a central spool that a roll of casings will be released from. As a manual unit's handle is turned, a casing roll will unwind. At the opposite end of a machine, meat is placed into a chamber. The open end of a casing will be secured to a linking tube. Meat is pushed into the casing and fed through the length of it.

A power machine will contain a hopper, a power vacuum unit, linking tubes, and a casing spooler. Ground meat that is added to the hopper will be automatically dispensed through an open casing. Many power units contain a keypad that will allow adjustments to be made to the number of rotations, the filling amount, and the speed of each linking process.

These variables will aid with fine-tuning a recipe and preparing large batches within a short timeframe. If any adjustments need to be made while a batch of sausages or hot dogs is being prepared, the operator of a machine can adjust the numbers on the keypad.

Attachments And Modifications

A manual machine is best suited for the preparation of small batches of forcemeat products. If you own a meat scale and are going to be using the same dimensions and weights for all of your products, you may find that operating a manual machine is sufficient.

For large meat quantities or products that are going to fluctuate in thickness and length, the use of a power linker will be suitable. This type of machine will allow an end user to adjust the linking tubes with the use of a wrench.

Some machines (manual and power) contain a twist and crimp feature. As casings are stuffed, the end of each casing will be twisted and an aluminum clip will be added to both ends of each link. If this type of feature isn't offered, manually twisting and cutting meat products or adding an attachment will be necessary. An attachment will need to be ordered through the manufacturer of the linker, to ensure that the attachment will adequately fit.

To learn more, contact an industrial sausage linker supplier.