Recreating Your Menu

Hosting A Formal Tea Party: How A Caterer Can Help

Tea parties are perfect for bridal events, baby showers, and even birthday parties, providing a unique and elegant way to entertain guests. A lot of work goes into planning the perfect tea party, but hiring a full-service caterer can help make everything go perfectly for you and your party guests. Here are just some of the many benefits of using private event catering for your next tea party. 

Linens And Table Settings

A full-service caterer with experience working tea parties can help set the perfect scene with upscale table linens and elegant place settings. Delicate plates and teacups paired with matching serving platters create a beautiful look at each table, while tablecloths and napkins in matching colors add a delightful finishing touch. Work with your full-service caterer to select ideal centerpieces for each table. These might include a simple tiered serving piece to display finger sandwiches and petit fours or small vases filled with freshly cut wildflowers. 

Authentic Menu Options

When it comes to hosting a tea party, there are several different types of tea services to consider. You can opt for a traditional British-style afternoon tea, but formal Southern-style menus can also add beauty and deliciousness to your event. Decide on the type of fare you want to include. A British afternoon tea might consist of Earl Grey tea served with cucumber, smoked salmon, and ham finger sandwiches along with scones and pastries for dessert. Your caterer can stick with these classics or create modern takes to freshen up the menu. If you want a more Southern-style ladies' tea, your beverages might include fruity teas, such as peach and berry, or even the classic sweet tea. For the menu, ask your caterer to create variations on mini quiches, ham salad, and cream cheese sandwiches for starters and a sweet hummingbird cake for dessert. 

Setup And Cleanup

In addition to serving sweet and savory treats along with delicious teas, your full-service caterer can also set up and clean the space as part of your catering package. This makes it easy to host a formal tea in your home without spending a day in the kitchen, but it can also come in handy at private event venues as well. With all of the setup, cleanup, and cooking taken care of for you, there's plenty of time to attend to your guests and ensure everyone is having a lovely afternoon sipping and snacking.